50 Followers Milestone

Since my last post, I’m wondering if I’m doing something right with my blog.

It’s too early to tell, but I’m already asking myself questions.

Am I doing something right?

Am I helping someone?

Am I creating impact?

Am I reaching people with my words?

Am I being too honest?

Am I coming too strong?

I started it with the intention to write about relationships, inform people about certain topics I’m passionate about, share experiences, share writing tips, help people through my writing, and make it work.

Then I was nominated for The Versatile Blogger Award and now, I just saw I reached a milestone. 51 followers in less than three weeks.

T50 followers

I must be doing something right. So thank you for following me and the support. I will keep doing my best to write about my passion and help more people with my writing.

11 thoughts on “50 Followers Milestone

  1. Thanks for tagging me in this 🙂 im on 69 followers now, I feel I must be getting better or doing something right too 🙂 its a great feeling isnt it! Keep up the good work 😀


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