Another Nomination

There’s what we call blessings:

  • when we still wake up every day
  • being able to eat three times a day
  • having shelter
  • having family and friends to rely on and more

The other day, another unexpected blessing came again, a scribophile/ blogger friend nominated me for the versatile blogger award and since I’ve already done my duty in sharing seven information about me and nominating other 15 blogs

here: The Versatile Blogger Award</>

I am here to complete my duties.

So, Sylvia, thank you for nominating me in your blog. It’s an honor that you trust me to know about relationships and writing. Check up her blog, she is a science fiction and fantasy writer. Her story, Pride is published at the Seven Deadly Sins Anthology.

Again, thank you very much for the award.

Receiving the nomination means keep working and improving and I will.

Have a great day ahead! 🙂

7 thoughts on “Another Nomination

    • I know, thank you still because you think I deserved it. It means a lot. My blog is getting good responses, but I’m still second guessing myself. So getting your nomination is a good assurance or tap. 🙂


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