Inquiry on Parenting Lessons, Experiences, and Insights

For future posts and my current book revision and editing, I came up with questions for first-time parents that I have some of the parents I know answer it, but I need more opinion from other parents.

I hope you could help me out.

What parenting lessons do you wish you were taught in preparing for parenthood?

What are your techniques for teaching children in different ages?

What are your techniques for teaching and disciplining children to behave?

What kind of parenting do you use on your children? How did it affect them? What are you preventing in raising your children this way?

What kind of parental bringing were you exposed to? How did it affect you?

Do you apply those parenting methods base on the behavior of the child or base on the personality of the child?

Are you open to adoption? If yes, would you adopt babies or are you open to adopting older children?

How do you teach, control, and discipline teenagers in your household? How does it affect them? What are you preventing in applying these methods to the teenagers?

Do you think that nurture affects the child’s potential to be a normal and proper human being or to become adults with crimes?

Do you agree with the kind of parenting trends you see in our time now? If it’s up to you, what will you change in the parenting styles?

Should parents decide on a child’s dream because they are indebted to you or are you willing to just guide them into becoming a sensible and good person who makes the right decisions?

Do you think that every parenting method applies to every child?

Do you think that parents are always right?

What advice would you give a first-time parent?

Did you ever attend parenting classes? What did you learn from the class? Were they helpful, effective and accurate to what you’ve experience as a parent?

Please copy the questions and write the answers send it on my contact page to keep your personal details and answers private. To make this easy and more private this is the (Parenting Lessons, Reactions, Experiences, and Insights)survey version, but the questions are not complete. It’s a free account, so I only have ten questions.

I will also personally contact other parents I know.

Thank you so much for the help, support and cooperation. Hope you can share with other parents with children.

Have a great night and thank you again. 🙂

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