Parenting is

Parenting is like an art. You will find several books, and articles, saying how to do it and claiming it’s the best and right advice. The truth is, all those advice won’t apply to all children.

I believe that parents should still read those books and articles. Consider them as a guidance, after all, they are still based from other parents’ experiences.

But learning how to raise someone shouldn’t just end on reading, and shouldn’t just end on experience and trial-and-error. I recommend doing both.

A parent is irresponsible to me, if he/ she is only raising their child based on experience alone and on the fact that one way of parenting is good for every children.

I’m a product of that kind of parenting and they made several mistakes. The worst part is I’m not even the first person they’ve raised wrong, my uncle is the first.

They know he developed problems for the way he was raised and yet they think they’re blameless.

It would’ve been more okay if they admitted they made a mistake and they’ve done something to correct it, but they’re not doing anything. I’m never going to follow their methods as a parent, I’ll make sure I’ll do better and I’ll make sure I’ll have a better, open, and closer relationship with my children.

So parents have to get to know your children, what influences their behavior, and their personality, and only apply the rules that will fit the factors that will influence their behavior, and their personality.

Parents, come and share your insights and experiences on parenting. Big or small, what you’ve been through will help other parents.

If you know other parents, please share it too.
Thank you and have a great day!

Share your insights and experiences on parenting here.

7 thoughts on “Parenting is

    • I definitely agree. I don’t think all parents are right, but now I believe they’re learning to understand the children’s phase. And every child has a phase, if the parent did something wrong during the phase, it gets worse for the both of them, and it can cause detrimental effects on the child already.

      Kids are too smart for their own good. They know what are the mistakes done by their parents.


      • I seem to remember something about timing from an old psychology class. There is an optimum time for learning and bonding ect.( Somebodies gosslings) It is a good thing that the kids are smart because we (I’m speaking for myself) parents may not be all that smart when it comes to raising our children. We’ll have to go with honest mistakes.


        • Whether we like it or not, parenting is a process of trial and error. If they realized their errors, admit to it and fix it.

          Thank you for sharing, I’ll look for it.

          According to one of my psychology class, learning and bonding is very important at a young age because it is the time where the kids are curious, they want to learn things and by the time they reach puberty, and that’s the time where they form their own ideas, principles, and beliefs which are heavily influenced by their peers.
          Apparently there’s a research where the boy grew up with animals for thirteen years. The boy never learned how to talk and communicate with anyone. Because they missed the window of opportunity where the kid’s brain is open for learning and bonding.


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