Relationship Analysis: Only You


Only You was a movie about a woman who found her soul mate’s name from the Ouija board and from the fortune teller when she was a child. Years later, when she was about to get married, she found out her fiance’s friend is her soul mate. A few days before her wedding, she dragged her friend around Italy to find her soul mate, instead she met someone else, Peter Wright, who made her feel things and made her question her question everything.

Only You 1994

  • How did the characters meet?

The characters met when Faith was trying to chase her soul mate. She bumped into Peter and left one of her shoes while running. Peter ran after her and caught up to her with her friend Kate, comforting her.

  • How the characters in the movie are attracted to each other?

Peter was attracted to Faith right away when he just saw her chasing another guy.

Faith only responded when they had a romantic walk while talking.


  • Is it true love or lust at first sight? 

No, only Peter felt something when he first saw her, but I could never tell if it’s lust or love at first sight. Maybe it was love because he returned her shoes, and even put it in her foot. Faith didn’t feel it because her heart wasn’t open to it. It was set on someone else.

  • Was there chemistry between the couple?

OnlyYou Tomei Downey Jr. 2

When Peter was pretending to be her soul mate, they had a romantic walk, and they shared details about themselves.

During their conversation, it was obvious that they have *intellectual chemistry, they share similarities and knowledge about certain things. They match each other’s wit.

OnlyYou Tomei Downey Jr. 3

*Romantic chemistry was shown during their time at the Bocca del la Verita (The Mouth of Truth), which proceeded to *sexual chemistry as their hands and eyes made contact. It was sizzling and intense to both of them.

  • What is the man’s *lovemap? Is it a healthy lovemap or not?

Peter Wright is there for business. He only extended his stay when he met, Faith. His lovemap is not healthy because he believes that his business trip led him to meet her. Not much is revealed about his character, but in the movie, so he could spend more time with Faith, he hired a friend of his to pretend as her soul mate. Nobody with a healthy lovemap would do something like that, right? Especially, after already pretending to be her soul mate the first time.

– What is the woman’s lovemap? Is it a healthy lovemap or not?

Faith’s lovemap is 50% healthy, because engaged to be married despite believing in destiny. At the same time, it’s a good thing that it was also influenced by her friend Kate, who was married to her brother, Larry. Because of Kate’s experiences in her marriage, she’s rational, practical, cynical and jaded. It was she who kept reminding Faith of the reality, but she let her do what she wants anyway, because her married life is taking its toll on her, and for once, she actually wants to believe about faith and destiny.

One of the things Kate said:

  • Love songs are just a cruel hoax that feed people’s fantasies.
  • Romance on a daily basis, nobody has that.

It was 50% unhealthy because of how she impulsively flew to Italy to find his stranger soul mate, and to actually believe it’s her soul mate. Her lovemap was influenced by her Grandmother who believed that everybody has a soul mate.

– Does the relationship contribute to the growth of each person in the relationship? 

Yes. Somehow, Peter opened his eyes, and also tried to make Faith see the reality, and questioned her devotion for her stranger soul mate. As long as they stick to reality, they will grow.

– Do the personalities balance each other, complete each other, or makes them a good team? 

I couldn’t tell for sure, because both of the couple’s personality were hardly portrayed in the movie. They could balance each other if they try to accept each other’s differences, eccentricities, and as long as they stick to the reality.

– Are they capable of maintaining a long-lasting relationship? 

Once the chemistry of lust between Faith and Peter wears off, they can work on their intellectual chemistry, and romantic chemistry, and they could transform it into a love that would last.

– Why will the relationship work or last longer? Why won’t the relationship work or last longer? 

It will work if they familiarized each other with details of each other and if they grew trust, honesty, respect, friendship, attachment, and love in the relationship.

– What needs to be improved to make the relationship work and last longer?

I advice the couple to get to know each other well, spend some time together, and depending their happiness to fate and destiny and enough playing tricks on each other.

– How lovemap plays in the couple’s lives?

OnlyYou Tomei Downey Jr. 1

The good thing here is they showed the people in the couple’s life or to be specific Faith’s life, who influenced her lovemap.

The movie didn’t show how the characters fit each other’s lovemap and didn’t show much, that this couple has what it takes to make it in the long run.

Is it just me, or there seems to be a trend in Hollywood romantic movies where the man and woman will first try to find the right person days before their wedding with someone else.

It’s just like the Serendipity movie.

If something in the movie, is realistic, it’s only when Faith realized that Peter was the one, after finding her soul mate the other guy. In real life, we all make plans, but those plans will never happen the way we planned them.

In the movie, her soul mate from the Ouija board, led her to find Peter instead. Now, that’s a twist that could happen in reality. You plan something, you’ll get it but you’ll get it differently.

This is a kind of movie that I highly doubt will happen in real, first, nobody in the right mind, would just chase someone and proclaim their soul mate without even meeting and spending time with them. Faith seemed to be so desperate to meet her soul mate that she was so trusting, and she believed Peter’s lies in the movie right away.

For days, I’ve been searching for an old poem I wrote for him about how much I love him and that someday I’ll moved on and love someone else.

*Thusly marked words are defined on this LINK.

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