Relationship Analysis: Smile Again (Smile Donghae)

Smile-Dong-Hae Smile Again (Smile, Donghae) is a 2010-South Korean daily television drama, starring Ji Chang-Wook, Do Ji-won, Oh Ji-Eun, Park Jung-ah and Lee Jang-woo. It aired on Korean Broadcasting System’s premier channel KBS1 from October 4, 2010, to May 13, 2011, on Mondays to Fridays at 20:25 for 159 episodes. The majority of the articles and books say you have to write your characters where your readers or audiences will love them. I want to show some of the characters of a Korean drama called Smile Donghae.

I’m not a big fan of the show, but I’ve been watching some of the episodes with my Grandmother. It made me realize that the characters are perfect in showing how lovemap comes into play in people’s lives and why it is important. I am only going to talk about few of the characters in the show, and not talk about the story of the show.

WARNING: It may contain some spoilers.

Sofia In the show, Sofia Yoon is Donghae’s ex-girlfriend and Theo’s wife. In the show, she is the smartest and cunning person. She lied multiple times to get the life that she wants. First, she lied about being Carl’s lived in girlfriend in the US so she could be with Theo. James, Theo’s dad, is also Donghae’s dad, but at first he didn’t know it. Along the way, Sofia committed several mistakes to keep James identity from Anna, Donghae’s mom because she didn’t want Theo to lose his father. And last, she helped Theo’s mom to keep Anna’s identity, so they could get the hotel.

Mr. and Mrs. Cho owns a hotel. Theo’s mom, President Kim, is like a daughter to them, but they a daughter they’ve lost years ago, who is Anna. Somehow, the couple, sort of promised the hotel to President Kim and his son. But Sofia found out that the couple plans to give it to their missing daughter, if they find her. Sofia’s *lovemap is not healthy. Also, she said that she sees Theo as a perfect guy and his family is a perfect one too. She’s looking for a perfect family because after losing her father, she somehow became the breadwinner of the family. Her mom, Annette, is a good person, but she is an unstable and inappropriate mom. Aside from that, Sofia is a master manipulator. She used gas lighting and verbal abuse to Anna multiple times in the show.

Theo Theo Kim, Donghae’s younger brother, grew up as a spoiled brat by his mom. That is why when he realized that the hotel will go to Donghae, he and his mom did something to steal the hotel from Mr. and Mrs. Cho. He grew up in a pretense that his family is perfect, but the truth is his mom just forced his father to marry her because she got pregnant. James always loved Anna.

President KimPresident Kim – Theo’s mother, at first is a very kind, rational, and understanding woman, but when she starts losing her husband to another woman’s love, and the hotel she sacrificed her life to take care of, she conspired with Sofia. She also raised her son as a spoiled brat.

JamesJames – Donghae and Theo’s father and the husband of President Kim. James in the show is always been in love with Anna. He treats his wife more as a business associate. He is in love with Anna, but at the end of the show, he realized that he somehow already loved his wife. What he didn’t know is even though he was pinning for Anna all those years since he’s been living with his wife for more than twenty years, his *lovemap is at work. How? While spending more time with his wife, President Kim. She became someone familiar in his psychology. His wife’s essence is being deeply engraved in his system, all those years. That is why, it is not impossible for a person who is not in love to never fall in love for someone especially when they spend too much time together. In the end, he stayed with her to his wife’s surprise.

*Thusly marked words are defined on this LINK.

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