Relationship Analysis: Stockholm, Pennsylvania

stockholm* S P O I L E R  A L E R T * Read at your own risk.

*Stockholm, Pennsylvania, is about a girl, Lea, who was kidnaped when she was 4 years old and she struggled to feel at home when they rescued her after 17 years.


The psychologist encouraged Lea to express herself and her concern is for Lea to feel supportive and express what she what she want and whatever she feels.

52699a7874b913c6435d365c353fd170Ben, Lea’s kidnapper, is the only Father figure she knows. He also locked her up in a room and just brings her food, water, clothes, and toys. When Lea visited him in jail. She asked him, did you know you were changing things about me like my name and my birthday. He told her, all I know is I was giving you new things. You can’t change what you don’t know.

stockholm-pennsylvania-lifetime-movieHer mom has a few good points in the movie, but in the end she started treating Lea like Ben.

Good points:

  • Never giving up on searching for Lea.
  • Trying to understand her daughter by reading and knowing the consequences of her daughter being kidnapped.
  • Trying to bond with her and trying techniques to make Lea understand and learn to trust people.

Bad points:

  • She lost it when her daughter went missing and visited her kidnapper. She got mad and hit her.
  • She lost control, her patience, and her insanity.
  • She threw out her husband.

  • She locked herself up in their house and she locked Lea up in her room.

  • She made Lea stopped seeing her psychologist.

  • She also did not let the tutor come into their house.

  • She made a schedule for Lea and she only brings food and water to her room.

  • When the psychologist visited their place, her mom was forced to agree that she will let her daughter visit the Psychologist on her session. In the end, her mom taught her what answers to say to the psychologist.

  • After behaving, she let Lea into the kitchen, but she tied her up to her or to the furniture around her.

  • Is this how people love? Lea asked her mom, but she didn’t answer.

    Lea’s *lovemap was messed up by Ben. He replaced Lea’s bond with her mom, with his interaction with her for seventeen years. He became a father figure in Lea’s eyes. After she was rescued, she misses him and wants to be with him.

    When she met her parents, she doesn’t recognize them and remember them or even her memories in their house when she was young.

    More importantly, the way Lea views love is twisted because of how Ben treated her all these years. She also grew up practicing the same beliefs, Ben has.
    The sad part is out of desperation, her mom ended up treating Lea, the way Ben did, so instead of correcting the way Lea views love, she contributed to it.

    The worst part is she taught Lea the opposite of what her Psychologist taught her and also made her feel the opposite too. She didn’t let Lea express herself, and didn’t make Lea feel supportive during the ordeal. I won’t say, Lea’s situation, became worst, her mom just became her another abuser.

    Interested? Watch the movie for more information.

    *Thusly marked words are defined on this LINK.

    4 thoughts on “Relationship Analysis: Stockholm, Pennsylvania

      • It was anticlimactic for me, when it started. Cynthia Nixon did a great job playing the mom, I sympathized with her, got angry with her, and also got scared of her in the film. She’s amazing. Of course, Saoirse Ronan, playing Lea, was great too. For me, this seems to be a passive role for her, because I remember her in Lovely Bones, and Hanna. She’s such an impressive actress, and she chose interesting roles.

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