Are you experiencing this too?

I just opened my account today, and I noticed two things already. I don’t follow people I followed weeks ago.

Hope I don’t lose some of the friends I made in my blog, it’s not like, I memorized their blog addresses, and I could always find them easily.

Wish, this will be fixed soon.

How about you?

Any other WordPress problems?

20 thoughts on “Are you experiencing this too?

  1. Sorry to hear you had problems with WordPress. Not sure if you were following me but you did leave some great comments on my blog I haven’t experienced anything problem yet, I usually put blogs I’m following on blogroll – so far no problem. Wish I could be of more help here.


  2. What’s fantastic about is the community of bloggers that’s built here.

    What’s not fantastic about is being unable to manage the technical side of your site. Your only option is to go to the Help forums and let them know what’s going on. There may or may not be a fix out for it.

    Hosting your own site like I do is difficult, because you have to learn how to do all the technical behind-the-scenes stuff that does for its users and then do it for yourself. But in situations like this I have much more control. I can open the hood of my site so to say and see much easier what may be going on.

    The best of luck to you.

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    • If I host my site, what can you suggest? I meant what is affordable and what is one with a good quality?

      I’m considering it in the future.

      I agree with what you said, I love the community. Anyway, thanks for the suggestion, I’ll go to the forums.


      • Sylvia and I both had and enjoyed HostGator. They’re not too expensive and also offer good customer service.

        Just never, never choose GoDaddy. Their contracts are very restrictive.

        My site is currently on a server that my boyfriend owns, otherwise I would’ve stayed with HostGator forever.


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  4. yeah, my bloggers complain I have a broken link to my site and they find it difficult to find my website 😦
    How do i fix this…everything seems good to me on my settings :/


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