How Can You Be Mine? (Paano Ka Magiging Akin?)

Last week, I was listening to my favorite radio station here in the Philippines. The station launch a new Filipino song called, Paano Ka Magiging Akin? (How Can You Be Mine?) by True Faith. I thought, let’s see if the song is good. You see True Faith is a famous band that was founded in 1992. I’ve always enjoyed and loved their songs because it’s relatable and easy to sing.

The song took me by surprise, it made me cry because it somehow told my love story or how broken hearted I was because of Dave. It’s as if I was singing the song to him. The song is in Filipino, but I translated it to English so anyone who reads this can somehow understand the song. Don’t try to sing it using my translation, it’s not a perfect translation. If you want to listen to the song, click the link. It’s just a simple song. Enjoy the song. 🙂

How Can You Be Mine? (Lyrics)

How can you be mine?
What should I do?
What song, I will sing?
And not just hug my pillow to sleep

I’m sorry I fell for you
I didn’t plan it
Love sometimes will find you

Hmmmmm …

How can you be mine?
How many poems I have to create
To let you know that this is not a joke
And my feelings for you are very strong

Nobody’s like you
I’m sorry I felt more
desire quickly, hope you don’t get irritated
Just let love make a way

I do not want to mess up your life
Haaaaa …
I just wish you could understand my craziness
Haaaaa …

You also said
Feelings are just received
So I ask you not to say goodbye

How can you be mine?
Where nobody will be hurt
What shall I do?

Whooo …


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