Answered Prayer: Becoming An Immigrant

I was debating whether to use that title or change it, because what if I have another answered prayer? Anyway, I decided it doesn’t matter it will have different dates and I added the subtopic of this post.

Before I start, I want to say that it’s hard to admit this because I don’t want people to judge my mom, and curse her or much worse, but I’m sharing it now because it’s been years and she already paid for her mistakes.

My mom went to the US when I was fourteen years old.Ever since then, all of us in the house, would wish and pray that she’ll become a permanent citizen up to now.

I don’t know when it started, but I just suddenly found out that she became an illegal citizen. She was found out, because one of the Filipinos she worked with, told the police, or embassy and she was paid for it.

Since then, my mom was summoned to the court and paid for what she did. I told you she left when I was fourteen, right? She paid by staying there without going home to us, she missed her father’s (my grandfather) death and burial, and she missed being a mom to me.

I’m not going to side with her and say that what she did is right, because it’s not, and I don’t want to ever follow the steps she made. I hated her for a while because of what she did, but I forgave her eventually. I hated her for other things like she chose her work over me before, but now I realized and understand why she did them. That’s why I promise myself that I will never be the kind of person who won’t have time for her children, just because of work. I want to become a hands-on mom, who won’t miss the important events and moments in my child’s life because my mom missed so many things in my life.

Before going to the US, she worked in Kuwait, and we only get to see each other for two months or less in a year. So I’m not close to her, and I don’t really know her. I do love her, because I remember little things about her like when she reads to me before I sleep, going to the mall to ride car and animal toys, carrying me, and playing with me as a little girl, but I don’t remember much, that’s it. It’s also hard to get along and to be close with someone, who is hardly there in your life.

I guess reading this post, will give you an Aha moment. It’s why I’m writing The Guardian Program. I’m not going to make my character work as a CEO and make her maids take care of her children, and make her miss important events in her children’s life. She’s going to be a hands-on mom while she does a part-time job as a consultant and counselor. I’m sure that people who are career oriented don’t understand this or maybe even other younger women.

It’s true. Some people think that when you’re legally emancipated from your parents, when you’re eighteen, and when you’re living on your own, you are an adult, and you are fully matured. What they don’t know is that men and women fully mature when they reach twenty-five. That’s the time where they start thinking differently. That’s why in Psychology, the Human Development, 25-40 is called the Early Adulthood stage. When I was twenty-four, I thought I was mature and I already know a lot of things, but when I turned twenty-five, my best friend, my family, and I, noticed how I’ve changed in thoughts and in my actions. Now I’m twenty-eight, I’ll say that four years ago, I am mature, but I’m still innocent, naive and is full of ideals and unrealistic expectations. Now, I’m different, but I’m much better. Anyway, I’ll save this for a different post because it’s already long.

Yesterday, which is today here in the Philippines, she is Las Vegas and she attended her final trial. She told us that now, she’s officially a legal immigrant. My grandmother, Aunt, and I cried and hugged each other after finding out. I’m also happy that after fourteen years, I’m going to see her again. I’m also scared because I bet she’s going to tell me that it’s my turn to go to the US. I plan to go there, and I want to do it the right way, so I will, but before I go there, my mom and I has a lot of catching up to do.

This is really an answered prayer, it may have taken half of my life, but what’s important is, God gave my mom a second chance to correct what she did, amended her sin, and gained the people’s trust again.

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