Inconvenient Truth in Social Media Marketing

I’ve read the Social Media Marketing is by building a relationship with someone online. Sharing and commenting their work and they will do the same. It’s Quid Pro Quo. It’s a trade, but not really.

To be honest, ever since I started my blog, it doesn’t feel that way. I’m pretty sure I shared other people’s works several times but few people had shared my work to their followers. Are they ashamed? Or it is just irrelevant to them? What do they care about?

I found several people clicking favorite in my Twitter account and like in my Facebook account, but you will hardly see the retweet and the share button clicked more than three times. Most of the time, people use favorite only as a bookmark. I do that too, but not anymore. All those favorites I clicked, I don’t even remember them anymore. At least the posts I’ve shared are out there and is being spread.

I got sick last week so I failed to read the lists of blog posts, I’m supposed to like, read and comment. When I do that, I read the whole blog and comment when I really have something to say but when I don’t I just share it instead. It took me sixteen hours to go over those blogs because I did them on Monday and Tuesday. I wonder how much time people are taking in my blog.

It’s an inconvenient truth especially when I thought that in social media marketing people help each other.

I’m a pro-active person. I believe in doing something to change the status quo or to take actions for things to happen. I post, retweet and share all the time because whether those words, quotes, posts, and blog posts are irrelevant to my followers or not, I know that when I share them and when somebody else shares them, it will go to the people who truly need it. But when I click favorite or like, I’m just burying it with the other reminders I’m supposed to remember.

That’s paying it forward for me. I appreciate it when people are liking my work and commenting, but I hope that we can help each other to be proactive and that we make things happen in our life.

It’s a wonder, how it’s easier to share juicy news and gossips about other people, but when it comes to things that mattered to another person, it’s hard to share it.

I usually just ignore it, but it’s tiring to help other people who won’t help you. Also, in this world, if you’re not known and if you’re not earning money, people dismisses you, but once you got a massive recognition, people are all over you.

Somehow I believe the reason for that. People are not proactive and they don’t share because even if they share, it doesn’t have served their interests. I hope things could be different, but this is not a perfect world. C’est La Vie. Maybe right now I’m saying this, but right now, I’m not sure how to change the situation.

And for sure, I’ll keep doing it. If they don’t want to be proactive it’s okay. I’m still going to do it because I want to help other people find those articles they need so I’m going to keep sharing.

6 thoughts on “Inconvenient Truth in Social Media Marketing

  1. Social media is a minefield, that’s for sure. It can be time consuming and difficult to see the results. I try and focus most time on the aspects of it that I enjoy – because sometimes it feels like there is no point if I don’t enjoy it. I agree that persistence is the key – a lot of bloggers/tweeters whatever start with good intentions and quit a few months later. Just sticking with it means you’re doing well! x

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  2. Great discussion and I’m glad you’ve brought this up. It’s tough, especially for those who are in niche markets. If person A writes about only shoes and person B writes about jogging, it’s advantageous for person B to share person A’s stuff, but not vice versa. Person A might be worried their readers will say, “ummm….excuse me! I’m here to read about shoes, not jogging!”

    So I think you’re right–a blanket statement about sharing, tweeting, pinning, commenting, etc on other peoples’ blogs is ill-advised. The best strategy is to find those blogs with similar audiences and attempt to cross-pollinate.

    And one more thing…I think persistence pays off. I’ve had people comment on my blog and I’ve made a mental note to “pay it forward” somehow, then lost that train of thought before I acted. They comment again, and I remember. (Though sometimes it takes many times before I start remembering who that person is).


    • Find people with similar blogs. If that’s the case then we shouldn’t waste our time on other blogs that won’t serve us.

      Now, that sounds like a really negative statement that I don’t want to delve in. If that’s the case, then the people who doesn’t have similarities with me shouldn’t follow me in twitter so I won’t have to waste my time on them, after all they won’t make the same effort as I am.

      But those things I said beats the purpose of building a relationship in the networking that I believe in.

      Maybe it was naive and childish of me to think and believe that we, all bloggers and even in blogger’s unite, will help each other with each other’s blog whether our niche is irrelevant or not. I guess not.

      And it also goes against my beliefs:

      (1) Do you ordinary duties extraordinarily well. – St. John Bosco

      (2) Last, but not the least, I want to be an original, not like the self-serving majority.

      I guess it really boils down to the fact that I offer paradoxical love to everyone because that’s my personality and that’s what we’re taught and raise in our religion.

      It’s maybe the books fault that instead paying it forward through random acts of kindness, the majority are doing specific self-serving acts of kindness. Books teach us to do that because that’s what everybody is doing.

      Maybe I shouldn’t have written this post because I don’t like to follow trends. I want to make my own.

      I believe that following trends is trying to please others. Why should I follow them, I have a mind of my own.

      Which also brings me back to elementary and high school days. If you’re poor, you can’t follow trends.

      Those rich students are losers because they need to follow trends to be popular. They don’t have a mind of their own because they are paralyzed by the trends. They follow the trends to be seen as popular.

      Dustin, thank you. Your comment reminded me a very good reason why I do what I do.
      Your right. I also believe that persistence always pays off. I know it does. Which also reminds me to post my article about that. Thanks again, and have a great night.

      So I will go forth with a firm conviction that I will keep doing what I’m doing because for me it proves that I’m different and I have a mind of my own. I won’t be constricted and limited by the lines. I will color the lines happily. 🙂


  3. Hi, Cassiopeia,
    I hear you, I don’t know what the answers are! I am glad to see you moving forward, I think that’s the best we can do. I think that not everybody is into growth and self-improvement.

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