Persistence Always Pays Off

I wrote this blog post a year ago in my previous and I thought that it’s time for me to share it again. I’ll edit some experiences I shared to match our time now.

Attaining a goal is not always easy and at the same time it is not always hard. There are times when you are on the verge of giving up and when you do give up, you will find out that you’re only one inch closer to the goal. Never give up because there’s always a way to reach your goal.

If the path you had chosen did not work out get a reality check, have some self-awareness; know your motivations and your intentions for achieving this goal. You might be approaching this opportunity the wrong way or trying to achieve this goal for the wrong reasons.

I will admit that I used to question if persistence really pays off because according to my friends, it is my most endearing qualities. I am the friend who always gives advice not to give up and to push forward as always. For I always believe that if you give your everything to achieve your goal, you will achieve it.

Based from experience, I realized that persistence really pays off. I’ve gained and accomplished things I worked hard for years. Some goals will come to you for a long time to the point that you will think it will never come true but what’s really true is that you will never know how close you are to that goal until you finish that struggle. In the end, it will be all worth it.

You must be wondering how did I do it? So let me share things you need to know and understand to attain your goal.

The first thing you have to know. To obtain something of great value, something of equal importance must be lost. Because when you do reach that goal, everything is worth it and the happiness outweighs the bad. The things you must lose here is not your sense of self, your free will, and your happiness. You need to lose the fear of the unknown, fear of rejection and don’t try to figure out how to get there. Make the decision to pursue it and how to get there will be revealed to you then take the second step which is the action.

The kind of goal you are achieving should not change you and make you someone else, to the point that you will not recognize yourself anymore. The climb on the mountain or the struggle to reach your goal is painful and hard but it should not crush you and disappoint you, to the point that it would make you dysfunctional and unrecognizable to your loved ones.

The Second thing you need to know is sometimes the path to your goal is not clear. One of the secrets in taking control of your life and do what you love to do is to learn to you control the power of your subconscious mind. According to research, when you want something, tell your brain what you want, your conscious mind will lock your focus to the goal through RAS (Reticular activating system) and your unconscious mind will unlock the path towards your goal. You will get your answer of how to get there. Your RAS helps in filtering information of your brain and affects what you focus your attention to.  It is also responsible for the brain and body movements. RAS is the key to a coherent mind. Remember: Your RAS will work for you objectively, but emotions can bog it or overwhelm it. So remain objective.

The third thing you need to know is show up everyday and do something about it, show your emotions and intent to make sure that you are not the only one who’s going to benefit but also the people will benefit from you. You will never know where a business partner or a boss will give you a break when he sees that you really interested and passionate about your goal.

The fourth thing is when you feel like you’ve hit the plateau, you’re doing something every day, but nothing seems to be moving forward. You are wrong. You won’t be able to see the changes or the improvement because you are looking introspectively. You need to see things from the outside. And it is the time to push harder. Sometimes the plateau is one of the tests that will try you critically and emotionally but if you hold on to your goals, you will pass the test with flying colors.

An example is, I have big expectations for the choir, we’ve been training for two months and we’re having problems with our choir consistency and on top of that our choir moderators seems to be expecting some overnight changes in our voice. I’m thinking that I’m wasting my time on the choir because we are all in a stand still and that we are not improving. The choir is not meeting my expectations. Thank God I’m not the kind of person who easily gives up and besides our other moderator is a psychologist so I had a talk with her about forming new habits. Maybe they won’t have very high expectations on the choir and will not pressure each other on the choir because we’ve all burned out from the experience. I realized somehow that it was wrong to give up. While were practicing, I realized that when we are fully rested and focused, our true voices comes out. It happened last Sunday, but it was much better this last Wednesday. On top of that, we are all gaining knowledge about each other that would let us understand each other in a deeper level. It prolongs the patience.

The fifth thing you need to learn is to remain focus on your goal and don’t let obstacles and negative emotions get to you or hinder you from moving forward. Obstacles make you stronger and emotions are like distractions or a reality check if you still want the same goal. If you have the same goal, move forward, if you think your goals have changed, it’s time to find a redefine your goal. It’s important to keep a positive attitude and keep positive people around you.

The sixth thing you need to know is you are not alone. In the fight to reach our goal, we may have different goals but there are other people who are just like you. We all feel the same: the hardship, the sacrifice, the pain, and the urge to give up.

The seventh thing is you need to show your intent and the benefits you and the others will get from your goal. A boss or a business partner usually keeps rejecting you or your goal when they don’t see that they will benefit from it. You need to load your big guns and shoot the targets directly and aimlessly as much as you can. You need to make them see the appeal and the demand of what you have and the others doesn’t.

The eighth thing you need to learn is you only fail when you give up. Have you heard of the quote that every success story has a give up chapter? It’s a good thing; Einstein did not give up on his theory of gravity – the general theory of relativity because in 2011 a group of scientists had just proven it.

Read more:

Another Einstein’s success is the research that just came out this last year of May, where researchers used a new method using Einstein’s Theory of Relativity.

Read more:

And now, another researcher name David Weinstein is just improving Einstein’s Radical theory. His appeal just came out this last year in the month of June. They are considering of calling him the next Einstein.

The ninth thing you need to know is program your mind in the morning. Meditate, close your eyes, clear your mind, and listen to your breathing for a few minutes without any worry or thought. Tell yourself what your long term and short goals are. Tell yourself and believe that you are going to accomplish your short term goals and toward your long-term goals. You might have tons of short term goals for the day, but always show up or do something or small things toward your big goal/s.

The tenth thing you need to know is to have a coherent heart.  I found about the coherent heart last year from the Institute of HeartMath page. According to their research, one of their practices is the Coherence technique.

The coherence technique brings your heart and your brain into a more aligned state and physiological level. It opens up the brain to experience the positive emotional state that we want more in our life. Research shows that if we shift into a coherent state, the heart and the brain operate synergistic-ally, like two systems mesh into one. It can learn to activate the sustained synergy between the heart and the brain and prevent stress-producing patterns along with increasing our mental clarity and discerning capacity.

Read more:

Let me explain that what’s cited above is just a suggestion; the best thing to do is apply what’s suitable for your needs. You can come up with your own things to help you attain your goal. Do what will work best for you.

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