Relationship Analysis: Northern Lights


Northern Lights is a novel by Nora Roberts adapted to a movie in 2007. Nate Burns accepts a job as chief of police in Lunacy, Alaska, hoping to get away from the traumatic death of his partner back in Baltimore. He meets Meg, an independent bush pilot, whose father is found dead in a mountain cave.


Let me first make a statement that I won’t factor in what probably went on behind the scenes because I don’t want to emphasize  or glamorize it. But it might have/ might not contribute to the relationship of the characters in the movie.

Was it love at first sight?

I haven’t read the book yet, but what a way to build up tension and emotion between the characters. Yes, there’s love at first, and second sight before they finally met. It was captivating and magical to watch.

Is there chemistry between the couple?

There was * sexual chemistry the moment the couple laid eyes on each other and just every time they were together. It was just sizzling between them.

Yes, there’s also * intellectual chemistry with the way the couple engages on their verbal spar.

The actors who played the characters has a great chemistry and compatibility. Those roles were truly made for them. They were perfect for the roles.

Did the couple’s personalities balance, and complete each other and makes them a good team?

Nate seemed to be passive introvert which matches Meg’s extroverted and straightforwardness.

In such a short time, the couple somehow bonded and slowly got to know each other. Their relationship in the movie would seem fast phase, but not necessarily. Instead, their interactions together and working together comes out naturally.  


Does the relationship contribute to the growth of each person in the relationship?

Nate and Meg brought out the best in each other. It helps that Meg is so straightforward and she tells him what she thinks of him, she taught him different perspectives, and how things seem to other people’s eyes.

What is the man’s *lovemap? Is it a healthy lovemap or not?

Nate has an unhealthy lovemap due to his past relationship. His ex-wife cheated on him. Aside from that, he’s got an issue because he believes his partner died because of him. It’s normal for him to think that way, but it’s an unhealthy thought because he wasn’t the one who shot his partner.

I did love the part about him where he didn’t flirt with other women, he only did his job, and he only had eyes for Meg. He wasn’t a jerk to the other women on the show, despite them showing interest toward him.

What is the woman’s *lovemap? Is it a healthy lovemap or not?

Meg has an unhealthy lovemap because of her mom’s influence and because she grew up believing that her Dad left them.

While her mom sleeps around and never gets serious with any guy she meets. Meg is scared to fall in love  because she’s afraid that the guy might leave her too.

There’s a scene where she asked her mom, how could she love her Dad, despite everything, but her mom just answered, it was true love and she gave her heart to her Dad. Once you find that kind of love, you never let it go.

Another great scene with her mom is when she asked Meg if she loves Nate, and Meg said yes. Her mom gave her an advice, “Then marry him and hold on to that feeling for the rest of your life. Hold on to it hard.”

And in return, Meg pushed her mom to take a chance on John. A guy who’s always been in love with Meg’s mom.

Despite their issues, finding out Pat’s (Meg’s dad and Charlene’s husband) death, brought closure to Charlene and Meg and helped fix their relationship.

Meg is a commitment phobic and stays away from guys, but she can’t resist Nate’s connection with her. In fact, she’s very selective with her interactions with other guys.

How lovemap plays in the couples’ lives?


We know that Nate has a healthy lovemap, but he’s got an issue with this past regarding his partner, but Meg told him that he can’t live his life that way, that he can’t run away. She also convinced him to talk to his partner’s ex-wife and when he did, he finally fixed his issue and it let him have a fresh start in his life with her. Meg is a strong force for Nate, she encouraged him to make a decision and to fight hard for what he wants and loves to do in his life.

Now, as for Meg, Nate is a catalyst in her life. Meg has been already a strong and independent woman, but she found a guy who is interested in her, who is concerned for her and her well-being, someone who  can be a source of strength for her and a sounding board for her thoughts, and concerns. He gave her stability, security, and commitment. So he also set her lovemap right. At the same time, he somehow helped heal Charlene and Meg’s relationship.

Here’s a review from someone who have read the book and watched the movie.

Despite what went on behind the scenes, like she said, read the book and watch the movie. It’s a great simple story.

*Thusly marked words are defined on this LINK

4 thoughts on “Relationship Analysis: Northern Lights

  1. I really wish I had more time for free reading. Roberts is actually one of my writing role models. I like how she’s covered several genres with her writing (thriller, drama, semi-fantasy, crime fiction, etc.). I hope I’ll be able to do that some day.

    Her In Death series was my life blood when I was a teen. I’ve also read several of her trilogies. Probably my favorite novel of hers was “Three Fates”. Love that book. As a matter of fact, I might recommend it in my blog next.

    (sorry, tried to replied to your reply directly, but it didn’t work)

    Liked by 1 person

    • Don’t worry, it’s okay.
      I understand your business. Just do it when you get your free time. I love Nora Roberts too. What I’ve read is her Key series. I also recommend it too. Take your time, those books are not going anywhere.
      I will check out the In Death series. Thank you for your recommendation. It’s Nora Roberts. I’m sure I’ll enjoy it one way or another. 🙂


  2. I actually don’t know exactly what a “lovemap” refers to, but I’m a big fan of Nora Roberts. I’ve been aware of this book for years and years, but I’ve always gravitated more towards the In Death series. This post reminds me to put this book on my electronic reading list.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I will admit that lovemap in relationships can be vague, but maybe you’ll get an idea if you read my other relationship analysis of other movies and this post ( if time allows you. In the future, I will post a proper post to explain lovemap.

      Northern Lights is a simple charming story and at the same time, I love how the mother-daughter relationship got fixed after they received closure from losing Pat and how the mother tried to teach her daughter about love. It’s nice rather than just focusing on the romance between Nate and Meg.
      Hope you’ll like the story. 🙂


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