What is this AlDub Phenomenon?

Apparently, Eat Bulaga, a noontime show here in the Philippines, hit a jackpot to the surprise interaction with actors Maine Mendoza and Alden Richards only in the split screen. Maine was in a different location and Alden was in the studio. They are considered an accidental love team. Ever since they’ve met, they gained a sudden rise in their career, popularity and social network followers in over a month and still counting.


AlDub is a fictional supercouple pairing of Alden Richards and Yaya Dub from the Philippine daytime variety series Eat Bulaga! Its name is derived from a portmanteau of the tandem’s character names, namely Filipino actor Alden Richards, who portrays a fictionalized version of himself, and Yaya Dub, portrayed by Filipina voice dubbing actress Maine Mendoza.


First, let’s talk about the actors, I found out about Maine Mendoza when she uploaded videos of her dubbing and in over 24 hrs, her video got a million views so she was named as the Dubsmash Queen of the Philippines. She graduated in De La Salle-Benilde in Culinary Arts and took an on the job training in New York. You can watch her videos here.


Alden Richards has been an actor in Eat Bulaga since 2013. He is also a model, and host. In fact, he even won awards in the span of three years in showbiz. He was also a Business Administration student of De La Salle-Canlubang.

Eat Bulaga included Maine in one of their regular segments called Juan For All, All For Juan. Her role is a snobbish Nanny, Yaya Dub, to a materialistic grandmother, Lola Nidora played by Wally Bayola. Playing her role as a Nanny, she only talks through dubbing and her character hardly smiles.

First unscripted interaction between AlDub:

Don’t try to understand what they’re talking about, just try observe the facial expressions and body language.

When Sociologist, Bro. Clifford Sarota analyzed the video of the couple’s first interaction. According to him, noting Yaya Dub’s reaction to Alden the moment she saw him, she started acting self-conscious and cute on screen. She forgot her role and started acting herself.

Also, he included that some of the show’s formula is the Cinderella complex that gives people hope that even though they are simple people and they are in an ordinary situation, as long as there’s potential, they can get noticed by someone popular and they can be discovered too, the mutual thrill from the actors, and the spark due to their strong chemistry which is a trigger of a good relationship.

Watching the video myself, I was also captivated by their accidental interaction. It was really cute and the chemistry truly exists between them. Well, it’s only a month since they’ve become an official loveteam. Hopefully, they’ll make it because they’re the only love team I know here in the Philippines who have never met personally and who‘s been trending in twitter for more than a week now. I wonder how much the hashtag today will reach since it’s already Saturday today and it’s only a few minutes before the KalyeSerye starts. In 13 hours, the hashtag ALDUBMaiDenHeaven had reached 1.45 M tweets.

CNg2c-yVAAAEzH8            CNabU7FUEAAtw9Y

Body Language Expert and Psychologist, Randy Dellosa explained that the new love team, Alden and Yaya Dub, AlDub’s formula are the thrill when they dub romantic songs and when they write messages to each other, the art of forbidden love in their Kalyeserye (Street series because the venue is always on the street), and the best but not the least is the possibility that the actors may have true feelings for each other.

He added even that Maine Mendoza’s reaction after seeing Alden shows that she probably interested in him when her eyes got bigger and when she covered her lips behind the fan.

As for me, it’s too early to predict what’s going to happen to the love team, especially with the challenge of interpreting their relationship in the series because their conversations are limited and also to the actors since they only interact in the split screen.

According to Fashion Pulis, the actors may have met already in 2010. The actors didn’t confirm anything, but Maine had tweets regarding her blurred photos from the said event. So people are calling the meeting serendipitous, and that the actors are destined or fated.

Every time I watch them, yes, it makes me smile and the characters have strong chemistry, (Just not sure, what kind of chemistry yet), but I’m also expecting more. After all, chemistry is not the only factor in a relationship, there should also be some degree of friendship, intimacy, familiarity, compatibility and lovemap. Friendship is more important because it’s the foundation of a long lasting relationship while chemistry may disappear after 2-3 years. Couples should work hard to revive that chemistry.

Another thing I love about the show is the moral lessons it pushes to people who are in love especially the teenagers such as:

Love should be felt, shouldn’t be bought, should be fought for, should be taken cared of and should be given to someone at the right time.
Love shouldn’t be rushed. It’s something, anyone should work hard to earn it.
If you really like someone, woo her. And you shouldn’t just woo her, you also need to woo her family.
It’s beautiful to have a life inspiration, but you should put to good use. You shouldn’t just focus only on love all the time.
Love happens at the right time.
Everything requires patience, hard work, and effort. Everything should come at the right time.
Money is not enough to love someone.

More love lessons from Kalye Serye #KiligPaMore as enumerated below but they are explained in the link, so please check too:

  • Meet each other first in person.
  • Love will help you find ways.
  • Love requires patience.
  • Fight for your love.
  • Listen to your parents or grandparents.
  • Assumptions aren’t always right.
  • Use love as an inspiration.
  • Don’t listen to people who can’t follow their own advice.
  • Control your emotions.
  • There is love at first sight.

There was a rumor that they’ve met five years ago and neither of the actors confirmed it. Maybe to entice more the fans and the audience of the show.

I wish that their love team and their relationship in the future will work out and not become like those couples in other shows that I’ve abandoned due to lack of or fake chemistry and because the writers didn’t handle the relationship of the characters in the series and didn’t properly write or present the personality of the characters well.

Last, but not the least is the love team offers the fans the best of both worlds. Fans can ship, the characters, AlDub, on screen and the actors, MaiDen, off screen.

Fan, Paul Padlan showed his love for the AlDub couple by composing an original song. He based the lyrics on the storyline of Kalye Serye.

Fan, ZRRMOS26 talks about her reaction and the happenings in AlDub here.

Here is another page to follow the happenings in the show.

Another fan expressions done so much since they’ve never met is editing their pictures together. All of their clear pictures together are edited.

Fans are expecting for AlDub fans to meet on August 29, 2015. Whether they meet or not, the right time for them to meet is coming because they’re also going to start shooting for a movie on  September 18, 2015.

Episode 37: Scripted interactions between AlDub

2 thoughts on “What is this AlDub Phenomenon?

  1. The Cinderella complex gives me ideas for a YA story, which I obviously can’t begin to write yet because I’m in the middle of a WIP, but I’m putting it on my list of story ideas for the future.

    (BTW, I’ve noticed in previous posts that I can’t reply to you once you reply to my comments. Idk if that’s some kind of glitch, your intended settings, or just bad luck on my part.)


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