An Author Interview with Kishan Paul

Kishan Paul is a suspense and contemporary romance author. She is married to her best friend in 17 years and a mother of two. Aside from writing, she also practices Counseling.

Her published works are Blind Love, one of my favorites, and there’s The Second Wife. Her story Taking The Plunge is included at the Love Least Expected Anthology.

Kishan is actually a friend from Scribophile, a writing and critique group. I met her in our Romance group and used to exchange our chapters for critiques two years ago. That’s the first time I got to read Blind Love. I was very impressed of her work and admire her way of writing the details of the story.

Read what she has to say below.

CL: How did you come up with the idea for The Second Wife?

The Second Wife came to me when I was walking in a dark deserted parking lot over two years ago. This is actually the first story I ever wrote and if you consider the writing, rewriting, and editing process, the story took me all of two years to write.

CL: How did you choose the title?

My main character is Alisha. She is a therapist who is kidnapped by her client and taken far away from her home. The title of the book came from the fact that Alisha was forced to be his second wife.

CL: Describe your writing process.

I’m a panster. I write by the seat of my pants. I kinda get obsessed with the story and the scenes. It’s all I think about. I play and replay the scenes, feel and then re-feel the incidents. Each chapter is like a week long process for me. The first day it’s kind of the bones of the chapter, really rough but what’s going to happen is written out. Every day after I go back and work on the layers: the dialogue, the way each person in the scene felt about the situation and how they showed that, the environment. Halfway through the week, I’ve scrapped most of what I first wrote and have something entirely different.

CL: Who are some authors who have influenced you?

Yikes. There are too many to list. Let’s see: Jane Austen, Harper Lee,  Stephanie Meyer, All things Colleen Hoover

CL: What made you want to become an Author?

Until about two years ago, the idea of writing books had never occurred to me. One day this idea of a woman being kidnapped took root in my brain and I couldn’t get rid of it until I wrote her story. Now here I am publishing her story.

CL: What advice would you give to other aspiring writers?

The best advice I have been given is the same I would give to other authors: This is a hard and long process and most of the time you’ll question yourself and your story. Thicken your skin, don’t give up, and one day you can look back and say “Wow did I really do that?” Make friends with other writers, they understand where you are and how you feel. And don’t forget to pay attention to your readers. They are so important in this journey.

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