Share Your Blog Posts Here!

Hello fellow bloggers,

I just found Cavelle’s blog, Mental Health in Progress, and she is hosting a meet and greet.

Don’t comment below, instead go to her page, and meet her and other wonderful bloggers. I am very happy to meet you and I look forward to meeting other bloggers as always. Have a great day/ night ahead of all of you.

3 thoughts on “Share Your Blog Posts Here!

  1. Hi, I don’t think we’ve met! My blog is about alot of sides of me but humanity’s and my mental state has always been a big interest of mine. I struggle with depression, daughter-bipolar, brother-schizophrenia, so it’s been a wild ride, My blog also tells a story of my husband’s struggle through throat cancer. Yes, I think I’m still sane. lol.
    p.s. I commented on the other post of the Linky party and then found this so here it is again.
    I really like this blog, very interesting and informative…I’ll be back


    • Hi Patty,

      It’s nice to meet you. Thank you for visiting my blog.
      Wow, I admire you for what you and your family are going through.
      My expertise is different, but I’m still learning.
      If you need a friend or someone to talk, I’m here to listen.
      You sound like a very strong person.
      I’m glad my blog somehow helped you.
      Good luck. See you around. 🙂

      I think your blog is wonderful too.
      It’s very helpful and inspirational.
      I love the name of your blog because it focuses on family. 😀
      Makes me feel warmth.


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