Second Chances by Connie Stephany

When I read the title of the book, I just know in my heart that this is the kind of novel I love to read.

Second Chances is a finalist for the 2015 National Indie Excellence Awards and you can find out about other Connie’s books in her page.

To know more about Stephany, please visit and read my interview of her. Her novel Third Strike will be released this December so grab a copy now!


Second Chances is about Abby Simons who has to decide who deserves a second chance in her life; her fiance who gave her a valid reason for leaving her in their day or her former big crush who is now interested in her.

So what is my verdict?

My reaction while reading the book is while Abby talking about her crush, it made me re-live my experience when I was crushing on someone as much as Abby did. It felt great and it made Abby’s experience so relateable to me. That guy is my first true love.

Second Chances spoke directly to me as it tell its story. It’s clever of how Connie Stephany came up with the story with regards to  chances.

I finished reading this novel months ago, but I chose to post the review today on my first love’s birthday.


  • Vivid Images – The author told the story as if I was one of the audiences watching the story happen in front of me. I felt everything; the happiness, the pain, remembering the good and the bad memories, and the happy ending of course.
  • Unexpected Ending – What’s truly unexpected for me is her choice, but I’m emotionally gratified of the story. The way the resolution was handled and even how the connection between the characters, the chemistry, and compatibility of the characters and most important of all, how the relationship and the connection between the couple weren’t forced and was handled open-minded and is such a breath of fresh air.


  • Flashbacks – There were too many flashbacks and at some point, I didn’t care about some of them. The flashbacks were useful, but some of them distract me from the story and the theme of the story.



If you’re looking for a simple, and romantic story that will remind you of the thrill of first love, the happy memories, and also a story with a happy ending, this book is for you. The relationships were handled by the couples in the book in an honest and realistic way. I recommend people who loves romance, and who is in love with the idea of love to read this novel and you will learn so much about how relationships should really be in real life. I give it a rating of 4 out of 5.

Second Chances by Connie Stephany


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