Star Wars: The Force Awakens


Star Wars was introduced to me when I think I was twelve years old. My Aunt rented the trilogy IV-VI and after watching it, I fell in love with Han Solo’s quirks, his banter with Leia, and Luke’s effective act onscreen. At first, I didn’t understand why my Aunt rented it, then a week later, we went to the cinema and watched the first prequel. I appreciated the prequels story, but it didn’t give me the same feeling, still, the backstory helped me understand the story.

Before seeing the seventh installment, I decided to do the rewatched. It certainly brought me back to my childhood years and reminded me of being a shipper of Han Solo and Princess Leia.

I just saw the movie after waiting for three hours in the mall, it was all worth it. I’ll have to say, I’m proud to be a Star Wars fan, but unfortunately, some don’t get the hype at all. My cousin saw the movies too, but Darth Vader failed to conquer her too.

The experience in the cinema was unlike any other experiences I had before. It was full, the audience were alive and every time we encounter something familiar, I’m sure we all felt fondness.

Then when the movie ended, everyone was clapping.

There were only two things I’m going to complain about, somehow, there was a bad smell that I can’t figure out where it came from during the movie, but I ignored. The second thing is even though I already know what’s going to happen, I just wish that the person beside me wasn’t narrating and explaining to her companion what’s happening. The guy wasn’t even blind. It was obvious she’s a fan and he wasn’t.

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