Full Circle In Learning

In year 2011, before the Nanowrimo started, I kept researching for my backstories, plots, and how to make my novel readable, improving my grammar and writing style, and resources to use for book.

I found a technique in writing called Snowball technique. Where in my sentence, you create an event, a beat (reaction or action of the character that will represent the character’s personality/ move the chapter, plot, or story forward), and a line. The lesson instructed that you do it during your editing because no one will be able to finish the first draft if you try to accomplish the technique.
The problem is at that time, I don’t get the “beat” entirely. Maybe I’m just slow. 

Then in Jan 2014, I attended a scriptwriting course for three months in writing booth camp. I didn’t finish it, but in here, my mentor told me to study some books for acting as a writer. At that time, I was skeptical because I don’t understand why and I wasn’t interested in acting yet. 

I mean I know I have a talent for acting because I practice in front of the mirror, in the bathroom, or in my room and we’ve done several mini plays in highschool. I only do it out of proudness that I have some acting talent, and out of fun.

On March 2014, I saw the musical “Wicked”. It became my favorite musical, and that’s where my interest in becoming a Broadway actor sprung. 

This year 2016, I decided to attend another musical theater workshop again. In here, it’s more comprehensive and much harder because we hardly sleep and eat compared to my first workshop experience, but still important, fun, and unforgettable. 

Every Wednesday, we have our lecture day and in one of the lecture days, our main mentor taught us the history of acting, explained to us different actings and also their history. Then he assigned us movies to watch and observe. One of his discussions revolved around units. Apparently, units in theatre acting are beats in writing. The supposed reaction or action of the character that will represent the character’s personality/ move the chapter, plot, or story forward. But this time, thank God, I understood it much better.

What I’ve experienced from the recent workshop made my comprehension of the writing, and acting craft deeper. Somehow, it’s like a feedback loop. And it is important to not overdo beats in writing, but sometimes in musical theatre, it’s okay to overdo units. It depends on the story, the character and the scenes. 

Now, I can fully believe and understand why I somehow need to learn about acting for my writing. 

I think that learning even just little about acting is necessary if you want to write. I’m not saying it’s compulsory for everyone. After all, writers work in different ways. As for me learning acting and doing it too, works for me. 

Also, I want to share that my recent experience in the workshop made me grow two months and they even gave us personality development lessons, dressing up, and doing make up at least for yourself, dance and some voice lessons, making stories with the right format, and most important for me a little perspective on directing and directing lessons. So it was a full circle for me and more.

Before I end this blog, I want to apologize for being gone for such a long time due to some family problems, the workshop, losing my other blog, and now I just moved to my Aunt’s house with no internet. I’m actually posting this blog using the WordPress App. I’m coming back soon regularly.  

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