I Love You Just In A Song

Last year, I was working on a script, and I wrote this song for the band of my character. It’s still a rough draft. It’s also not complete yet.

I wish that I could carry you in my pocket
Bring you everywhere I go
Sleep with you at night
and hold you close

I wish I could feel your hands every minute of the day
Kiss your doubts and frown away.
I wish I could wrap my arms around you,
Squeeze you tight next to me.
To know you’ll always be there.

I wish I could talk to you all the time,
Tell stories, lash out and play our games,
our jokes, our precious song.


We could do everything together
We will never get tired of each other.
But if we do, we could go to each side of the room, but still be together

I wish that I could see into the future
To make sure you will always be there
I wish that we could finally look into each other’s eyes,
held hands and speak our love confession.

I wish that we could read each other’s minds
So we will know how much we think of each other
when we’re apart.

I wish that we could finally say I love you rather sing
I love you just in a song.

Create a Humane, Original and Unforgettable Character

A story has different parts. The character, the setting, the plot, the conflict and the resolution. They are all important parts of the story and are used together as a team. You could never write a story without any of those five parts. But the character is the most important.

Before we start, let me define Character Development.

  1. Character Development is creating a character that will transcend human behavior, personality, mannerisms, emotion, reaction and a change at the precipice of a conflict.
  2. Character Development is the change the character will go through after the conflict and just before the resolution. Sometimes the character arc or change shapes the kind of theme or story you are writing. I will explain this further  below.

The character is the person in the story that makes us, the bookworms and movie watchers, stay through the whole story because we can relate to the joys and the sorrows, the experiences and the challenges, the bliss and the sufferings, the good and the bad deeds. They entertain us, teach us, shape us and transform us to be the best versions of ourselves.

If the roles of the characters in our lives are this big and important, then it’s just right and important for writers to expend more effort in creating them.

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