The Three People We Will Fall In Love With For A Reason

Some time seven years ago, my best friend showed me something that talks about The Three People You Will Meet in Life. This was theorized by human behavior experts.

About a few days ago, I encountered something almost the same, but it was called and described differently. It was We Only Fall In Love with 3 People in Our Lifetime – For A Specific Reason. Now this one came from philosophers.

idealistic loveFirst person, is your first true love. It is also called the idealistic love. You view love as black and white, no gray areas. It relies on how you see love is, but not so much on how you feel. This is where you will experience love the first time and be clueless about it. Which is why it’s not going to work out.


hard loveSecond person, is the one you love the most. It is also called the hard love. This is where you learn about the gray areas.

It is also the most important experience anyone can’t miss because it’s the coming of age romance. It doesn’t matter what your age is, but this is where things get real.

The guy you will meet, will mark a before and after in your life. He will revolutionized your world in a second and teach you to see and feel things differently. This relationship creates resonance that triggers transformation in your life.

He will make you see your strengths and weaknesses, your flaws, imperfections, eccentricities and most important of all your talents and capabilities. You will believe your destined to be together, but this guy is not for you.

He is just an angel passing by you.

Just as Lang Leav said, “You may grow to love this person, but remember they are not yours to keep. Their purpose isnt to save you, but to show you how to save yourself.” – Angels

Angels - Lang Leav

right loveThird person, is the right one for you. He’s not the one you love the most, and he’s not the one who loves you the most. He is the one who happens to be at the right place, circumstances and time.

I call this third person, the right love. You will find each other when you least expect it. You will connect as a surprise and you’ll both know that you two just fit.

You will have just the right combination of personality and, strengths and weaknesses. Your similarities and differences,  will complement each other naturally.

It’s as if your soul just know and recognize each other. The moment you found each other, things just fall into place.


I know that the second person, sounds more appealing, but when you meet the third person, you’ll know and feel why it never work out with the second person.

You might think that you might love the second person more than the third person. But you see the love you will have for the third person will grow in time. 

That love will grow as the trust, intimacy, familiarity, the more you get along, the deeper your connection will get, you will both revolutionize each other’s world, and that love will transform both of you. It will both give you resonance that will awaken you, enliven, and resonance that will bring you home. 

The love you’ll have with the third person is just the right amount of companionate love, and passionate love, for it to become an eternal love.

Here comes the tricky part.

The supposedly three people is sometimes three different people, but sometimes they could be one person.  Sometimes the first and second person, could be one person. And sometimes the second and third person is the same. Because some people meet again after so many years.

This is one of the things that we have in real life that TV shows, and some movies fail to show.

What we see on onscreen is all about chemistry and maybe compatibility. Some writers forget about complementing the right combination of opposite attracts and similarities and more.

Another predicament here is some people gets stuck on the second person. It’s because they really thought they’re meant for each other.

It’s only until they realized their pattern of dating people will they ever get to the third person.


50 Followers Milestone

Since my last post, I’m wondering if I’m doing something right with my blog.

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Am I doing something right?

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Am I being too honest?

Am I coming too strong?

I started it with the intention to write about relationships, inform people about certain topics I’m passionate about, share experiences, share writing tips, help people through my writing, and make it work.

Then I was nominated for The Versatile Blogger Award and now, I just saw I reached a milestone. 51 followers in less than three weeks.

T50 followers

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