An Author Interview with Kishan Paul

Kishan Paul is a suspense and contemporary romance author. She is married to her best friend in 17 years and a mother of two. Aside from writing, she also practices Counseling.

Her published works are Blind Love, one of my favorites, and there’s The Second Wife. Her story Taking The Plunge is included at the Love Least Expected Anthology.

Kishan is actually a friend from Scribophile, a writing and critique group. I met her in our Romance group and used to exchange our chapters for critiques two years ago. That’s the first time I got to read Blind Love. I was very impressed of her work and admire her way of writing the details of the story.

Read what she has to say below.

CL: How did you come up with the idea for The Second Wife?

The Second Wife came to me when I was walking in a dark deserted parking lot over two years ago. This is actually the first story I ever wrote and if you consider the writing, rewriting, and editing process, the story took me all of two years to write.

CL: How did you choose the title?

My main character is Alisha. She is a therapist who is kidnapped by her client and taken far away from her home. The title of the book came from the fact that Alisha was forced to be his second wife.

CL: Describe your writing process.

I’m a panster. I write by the seat of my pants. I kinda get obsessed with the story and the scenes. It’s all I think about. I play and replay the scenes, feel and then re-feel the incidents. Each chapter is like a week long process for me. The first day it’s kind of the bones of the chapter, really rough but what’s going to happen is written out. Every day after I go back and work on the layers: the dialogue, the way each person in the scene felt about the situation and how they showed that, the environment. Halfway through the week, I’ve scrapped most of what I first wrote and have something entirely different.

CL: Who are some authors who have influenced you?

Yikes. There are too many to list. Let’s see: Jane Austen, Harper Lee,  Stephanie Meyer, All things Colleen Hoover

CL: What made you want to become an Author?

Until about two years ago, the idea of writing books had never occurred to me. One day this idea of a woman being kidnapped took root in my brain and I couldn’t get rid of it until I wrote her story. Now here I am publishing her story.

CL: What advice would you give to other aspiring writers?

The best advice I have been given is the same I would give to other authors: This is a hard and long process and most of the time you’ll question yourself and your story. Thicken your skin, don’t give up, and one day you can look back and say “Wow did I really do that?” Make friends with other writers, they understand where you are and how you feel. And don’t forget to pay attention to your readers. They are so important in this journey.

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Inconvenient Truth in Social Media Marketing

I’ve read the Social Media Marketing is by building a relationship with someone online. Sharing and commenting their work and they will do the same. It’s Quid Pro Quo. It’s a trade, but not really.

To be honest, ever since I started my blog, it doesn’t feel that way. I’m pretty sure I shared other people’s works several times but few people had shared my work to their followers. Are they ashamed? Or it is just irrelevant to them? What do they care about?

I found several people clicking favorite in my Twitter account and like in my Facebook account, but you will hardly see the retweet and the share button clicked more than three times. Most of the time, people use favorite only as a bookmark. I do that too, but not anymore. All those favorites I clicked, I don’t even remember them anymore. At least the posts I’ve shared are out there and is being spread.

I got sick last week so I failed to read the lists of blog posts, I’m supposed to like, read and comment. When I do that, I read the whole blog and comment when I really have something to say but when I don’t I just share it instead. It took me sixteen hours to go over those blogs because I did them on Monday and Tuesday. I wonder how much time people are taking in my blog.

It’s an inconvenient truth especially when I thought that in social media marketing people help each other.

I’m a pro-active person. I believe in doing something to change the status quo or to take actions for things to happen. I post, retweet and share all the time because whether those words, quotes, posts, and blog posts are irrelevant to my followers or not, I know that when I share them and when somebody else shares them, it will go to the people who truly need it. But when I click favorite or like, I’m just burying it with the other reminders I’m supposed to remember.

That’s paying it forward for me. I appreciate it when people are liking my work and commenting, but I hope that we can help each other to be proactive and that we make things happen in our life.

It’s a wonder, how it’s easier to share juicy news and gossips about other people, but when it comes to things that mattered to another person, it’s hard to share it.

I usually just ignore it, but it’s tiring to help other people who won’t help you. Also, in this world, if you’re not known and if you’re not earning money, people dismisses you, but once you got a massive recognition, people are all over you.

Somehow I believe the reason for that. People are not proactive and they don’t share because even if they share, it doesn’t have served their interests. I hope things could be different, but this is not a perfect world. C’est La Vie. Maybe right now I’m saying this, but right now, I’m not sure how to change the situation.

And for sure, I’ll keep doing it. If they don’t want to be proactive it’s okay. I’m still going to do it because I want to help other people find those articles they need so I’m going to keep sharing.

Create a Humane, Original and Unforgettable Character

A story has different parts. The character, the setting, the plot, the conflict and the resolution. They are all important parts of the story and are used together as a team. You could never write a story without any of those five parts. But the character is the most important.

Before we start, let me define Character Development.

  1. Character Development is creating a character that will transcend human behavior, personality, mannerisms, emotion, reaction and a change at the precipice of a conflict.
  2. Character Development is the change the character will go through after the conflict and just before the resolution. Sometimes the character arc or change shapes the kind of theme or story you are writing. I will explain this further  below.

The character is the person in the story that makes us, the bookworms and movie watchers, stay through the whole story because we can relate to the joys and the sorrows, the experiences and the challenges, the bliss and the sufferings, the good and the bad deeds. They entertain us, teach us, shape us and transform us to be the best versions of ourselves.

If the roles of the characters in our lives are this big and important, then it’s just right and important for writers to expend more effort in creating them.

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