Who Will Complete Me? : Understanding Compatibility


It is morning and you enter a crowded restaurant, pause and look around. Where should you sit? There are only two tables, each with a guy sitting across from and unoccupied chair.

The guy on the left is wearing a crisp polo shirt and black slacks. He’s eating a Salad Niçoise slowly and keeps glancing at his phone. He has a maroon briefcase with a white cloth folded on top of it. He raises his gaze and sees you. He smiles and offers the other chair.

The guy on the right is wearing a black shirt with a skull graphic in the center. He’s eating a Filet de Boeuf Sauce au Poivre. At his side is a black bag on the floor, but you can’t make out the shape. A worn copy of Carrie by Stephen King is on his table. He notices you when you come in, points to the chair in front of him and smiles.

Who do you choose?

It’s more important than just choosing where to sit for the morning.

You make assumptions based on your impressions of each guy.

What are those assumptions?

What can you tell about their personalities?

And more importantly, which of those personalities do you believe would best compliment you?

We’ve all seen the Charmed and Before Sunrise, laughing at the idea of finding love through horoscopes, personalities and compatibility tests. But these play a huge role in the decisions we make about friendships, partnerships, and relationships whether we realize it or not. There’s no such thing as not compatible. There’s only more compatible couple and less compatible couple.

In college, I had a friend whose personality was one-hundred percent the opposite of mine. Because of our differences, I shrugged her off countless times. I even promised myself that I’d never fall for a guy with the type of personality that my friend had. But eventually, she and I became very good friends. In fact, we’ve been the best of friends for almost ten years now.

Despite our differences, we found tons of similarities with each other. We started to joke that our personalities are so compatible to the point that if one of us was a guy, we’d be getting married after college. I learned to laugh at our differences. I also learned that compatibility is much more than similarities or differences in our personality. Ever since then, my friend’s personality has become my criteria in dating guys and years later I accidentally fell for a guy who has the same personality as her.

I’ve made unexpected discoveries about just how much compatibility plays a role in our day-to-day relationships with friends, family, and that special someone. My relationships have improved after applying what I learned from Personality Plus, a book by Florence Littauer about the four kinds of personalities. I’ve learned to understand people around me and easily read their personality. The book proved what I experienced with my college friend and the guy I eventually fell for.

Many prominent people have been teaching men and women to find their right match and to coexist with people we don’t get along.

And there are different ways that each categorizes and defines compatibility. Dr. Helen Fisher, the author and matchmaking consultant behind the dating website Chemistry.com, is focused on four temperaments to find dating compatibility.

Florence Littauer, known for her book Personality Plus, and Nicholas Boothman, the force behind matchedopposites.com, both have their own definition of the four basic personality types for compatibility. Still, others base compatibility on astrology like Linda Goodman in her New York Times bestseller, Love Signs.

Unfortunately, scientists and authors can’t always agree on an exact definition because it could be applied psychologically, astrologically and so many other ways.

People are psychologically compatible when their way of thinking matches and when they have complementary traits, values, beliefs, hobbies, or experiences. But that is where astrology comes into play and since our psychology and the characteristic of our astrological sign often contradict each, the fine line between them is blurred.

The personalities, temperaments and signs described in numerous books are very elaborate. They have different names and definitions, but they are all related. I’ve taken all the tests, studied the theories and experimented by applying them to people I know. I also had some of my friends take the test so I could compare the results.


What I’ve learned is that compatibility is the right combination of opposite qualities,  and similar hobbies, principles, values, direction and qualities that will help a romantic relationship to grow mature and last longer. We are all looking for a key feeling, not someone.

We don‘t really fall for the guy, instead that guy complemented our personality by making us feel what we’ve been looking for. Compatibility serves the principle of completion. We need a certain feeling to be completed that is based on our personality.

The same idea applies to friendship. I choose to be around people with whom I get along and those who share my hobbies, values, and principles. Even if we have different personalities and astrological signs, these traits are based on a lot of similarities. Our differences and similarities complement each other and completes us.

Just a little reminder: It is I love the kind of person I am when I am with him. I am happier and my life is better with this person. It is not, I can’t live without him or I can’t exist or survive without him. I say this because several people mistakes the term “you complete me” with a toxic relationship, where a couple needs each other to survive. We are already a complete person on our own.

Going back to the restaurant scenario, I’d choose the guy on the right because his choice of food might be an indication that he’s not that strict when it comes to his lifestyle. His black bag lying on the floor was a violin case and that complements my love of music and piano playing. We both loved reading mysteries and I enjoyed the book, the movie, and the musical, Carrie. These clues helped me make a quick decision about where I might like to enjoy my morning coffee.


Let me remind that yes, assumptions are not always right, but as people, it’s our nature to respond to something familiar. That is one way how a *lovemap works in people’s lives, through familiarity. That’s why abused people are prone in creating the same abusive relationships with other people.  That’s why women tend to fall for a guy who’s like their father, and vice versa. Familiarity.

In the case above, I chose the one whom I feel more comfortable and familiar with. I can sit with the other guy eating Salad but in my mind, he seems too intimidating to me and it will pressure me to order something light. On the other hand, I can sit with the guy reading Carrie, at least in my mind, I can easily start a conversation with him and order something I’ll enjoy more. Or I can sit with other people who I might find less intimidating and more interesting. Now, that says a lot about my personality. How about you?

We can fall in love with a person who we have little similarities, but if he gave us the feeling we’re looking for, and we also gave him that feeling, then it’s a done deal. Some people don’t choose the person they end up with based on a personality all the time, but because they made them feel complete. Find who you are more compatible with because people with compatible personalities don’t have to work as hard as people with less compatible personalities. So still, kudos to the couples who are so different, but they made it work. After all, no matter how big or little the similarities are, one of the important ways to make a relationship work and stand the test of time, is how a couple handles their differences.

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Relationship Analysis: The Back-Up Plan


The Back-Up Plan was a movie about a woman who decided to become a mother through artificial insemination after countless dating and failed relationships, but after being inseminated, she met a man who might just be the elusive one she’s looking for.

How did the characters meet?

The couple met when they bought got into the same taxi while it was raining. They fought over who came in first, so Zoe came out and Stan did too because he felt bad, eventually the driver lost his patience and left them still arguing outside.

How the characters in the movie are attracted to each other?

the back up plan date night

After the incident in the taxi, Stan immediately took an interest in her.

Since Zoe keeps him blowing off, Stan compromised with her by just inviting her to buy take out food and since then they have gotten to know things with one another.

Zoe is attracted to Stan, but she keeps denying it, because she’s expecting to get pregnant and she’s got fear and trust issues. Zoe  found Stan to be real, funny, different, captivating, audacious, charming, and persistent.

Stan sees Zoe as sweet, sassy, complex, accomplished person, seductive, independent, competitive, dominant, quick in her response and kind. Stubborn, overly suspicious and distrustful of men.

– Is it true love or lust at first sight? 

No, it’s not. When people meet *love at first sight or *lust at first sight, you could just feel the chemistry and tension between them. At their first meeting, it was more of annoyance, irritation, and amusement.

Love developed later in their meeting or so when they got to know each other.

  • Was there chemistry between the couple?

*Emotional chemistry happened when Zoe turned the coin they found in the first meeting and they wished each other a good life and to stop taking other people’s taxi.

Stan invited her instead to be friends with her first. Ever since they met, Stan wanted to get to know her more.

*Romantic chemistry happened is when Stan tried walking Zoe home and they saw a coin again. He was convincing her that he could have been her best kiss then he left. And when they were talking while eating pizza and when they had their first kiss to end the night.

*Sexual chemistry happened when Zoe visited Stan’s farm. We all know what happened there. Mona advised Zoe not to sleep with him, but she did anyway. They couldn’t help it, especially with those pregnancy hormones coursing through her system.

I was debating whether it really happened or not, but it was expressed in other form. So the last one is *Empowerment chemistry. In the movie, it was shown that Zoe is an entrepreneur. She owns a pet shop, she’s good at making things happen and following through.

Stan is good with ideas, but he’s not good at following through.

At the end of the movie, Stan finally built the gourmet shop he was planning with Zoe’s help and support. I believe that Zoe helped him grow when it comes to his career and Stan helped her grow by opening herself and learning to trust again.

– What is the man’s *lovemap? Is it a healthy lovemap or not?

The-Back-up-Plan2 Alex-O'Loughlin

Stan has a history of getting married, but it didn’t work out because his ex-wife cheated on him and took everything.

I think that he has  an unhealthy lovemap, despite being hurt, he never stopped. He was the kind of guy who compromised himself for Zoe.

Relationships have several compromises, but Stab did all of them in a heartbeat. His actions were clearly ruled by strong chemistry with her.

Where can you find a guy in real life, who’s going to date you just like that after finding out that you’re having twins?

Just like children, adults also have a developmental task, and Stan at that time was just trying to pursue his career.

My psychologist friend,  shared three years ago, that some relationships don’t work because the couple is not on the same page or they’re not in the same developmental task. He never said it’s not going to work, but if you really want the person you’re with, then you have to wait for that person to be ready to settle down.

– What is the woman’s lovemap? Is it a healthy lovemap or not?

the back up plan - linda lavin - judy

Judy, Zoe’s Grandmother, just like Zoe, also wanted to make sure that Arthur, her fiancé, loves her and won’t leave her. So she made him wait for 22 years. In a relationship, there’s no guarantee if it’s going to work or not. The couple should just trust and do everything what needs to be done to make it work and to make it last.

the back up plan - michaela watkins - mona

Mona, Judy’s friend, she three children but I don’t remember her being married. She’s the only one who’s giving her sound, rational, and practical advice. She’s also funny, bluntly honest, and has a sharp tongue.

The Backup Plan

Since Zoe has an independent and dominant personality, she listens to her friend, but she doesn’t really follow her advices.

Zoe’s lovemap is unhealthy because as her friend said, she’s looking for a perfect boyfriend. Someone who will never let her down, and someone who will never leave her. According to Mona, she pushed people away, and according to Stan’s description of her character in the movie.

Her parents death also played a role in her lovemap. It’s the root of trusts and fear issues which led to abandonment issues.

– Does the relationship contribute to the growth of each person in the relationship? 

Yes, the relationship could work, but the couple from two different developmental task is a big concern.

Zoe wants to settle down and form her own family, but she’s got issues. At least, she already has the career life she prefers.

Stan wants to build his career and his business, but he is not good at following through his ideas. At least, he knows more about relationships.

They could both teach each other to accomplish what they want out of life, as long as Zoe will learn to trust and be open again, and Stan learns to adjust to parenthood and handle his career.

– Do the personalities balance each other, complete each other, or makes them a good team? 

Stan and Zoe came from different walks of life.

Steve has a more open, and optimistic personality. Zoe can help stabilize his strong impulse or recklessness in making decisions.

Zoe has a closed, detach and distrustful personality due to her upbringing and experiences. Steve can teach her to open up, and trust again.

They both have strong personalities and different plans, they need to work together to make it work.

– Are they capable of maintaining a long-lasting relationship? 

They are capable of maintaining a long-lasting relationship, but it’s going to be harder and needs a lot of work due to not being on the same page and strong dominant personalities.

I’m not saying that strong dominant personalities when joined together, it will never work. It could, but they need more in effort in the relationship.

– Why will the relationship work or last longer? Why won’t the relationship work or last longer? 

It will work if the communication is always open, trust each other, understand where each of them is coming from, accept each other’s differences and eccentricities and learn to adjust to the situation.

– What needs to be improved to make the relationship work and last longer?

As a viewer of the movie, I want this couple to get to know each other better, spend more time together, and learn their personalities, and qualities that would irritate each other. Since their personalities are somewhat independent, they need to learn to function more as a team.

– How lovemap plays in the couples’ lives?

The movie showed that they fit each other’s lovemap because their personalities have little chemistry and compatibility, those two serves more as a chemical and psychological manifestations of lovemap.

Yes, they are both attractive, but it doesn’t serve as a physical manifestation of lovemap. For lovemap, plays a role in a person’s life at a much deeper level, not just because they’re attractive.

The movie didn’t show much, that this couple has what it takes to make it in the long run.

In real life, it’s hard to say that cases like this happen. It happens mostly to teenagers or couples who got pregnant early age ranging from 18 to maybe 25 years old. Couples in real life usually starts a relationship out of chemistry, and in the end it doesn’t always work because of the differences, and they’re not old and experienced enough to make a relationship work.

Another is it’s very important for a relationship to work between couples who are on the same page or same developmental task.

*Thusly marked words are defined on this LINK.

Relationship Analysis: Before Trilogy

WARNING! Spoilers Alert. Read at your own risk.

Before trilogy are movies by Richard Linklater.


The first movie Before Sunrise started about a couple who accidentally met on a train from Budapest to Paris. Jesse invited Celine to stroll around in Vienna on a whim before his flight to US the next day. The movie ended with the two deciding not to exchange contact information but to meet again after six months.

The second movie Before Sunset is when Jesse is already a successful author of his novel about his first encounter with Celine in Paris. He was on a book tour and Paris was his last destination. Celine attended the last day and after the presentation of his books, he and Celine caught up with what’s happening in their lives. The ending of the movie showed Jesse still spending time with Celine and he was about to miss his flight back to US.

The third movie Before Midnight showed first Jesse’s relationship with his son from his first ex-wife. Jesse had been living with Celine for 9 years and they have twin daughters. The movie revolved around the couple struggling with the consequences of their actions years ago, balancing love life, parenthood, and career at the same time. The movie ended with Jesse and Celine reaching a new understanding of each other and with a hope that their relationship might work.

How did the characters meet?

Celine and Jesse met while riding a train to Paris. They struck up a conversation after a couple who’s been fighting on the train left their seats. They just started talking to each other. Eventually, since Jesse enjoyed talking Celine he invited her to walk around Vienna and she agreed.

How the characters in the movie are attracted to each other?

On the train, when they started talking, none of them was shy or held back what they were thinking. They trusted each other easily and said whatever came to their mind.

They both made an impression to each other, they have their own ideas, they have opposing beliefs as well. Despite their differences, they felt togetherness, acceptance and respect in terms of their opinions, and beliefs.

They were physically attracted to each other because of their attitudes which had developed into mental and emotional attraction when they shared personal and vulnerable details about themselves.

Celine made an impression with Jesse had seen her as outspoken, smart, passionate, independent, beautiful, she makes him laugh, creative, philosophical and deep. Despite trying to be practical, rational, and pessimistic, she wanted to believe in magic and astrology.

Jesse made an impression with Celine when he started talking about his ideas and dreams. She also found him to be cute, sweet, optimistic, funny, and philosophical too.

– Is it *true love or *lust at first sight? 

When Jesse saw Celine, it showed in the way he looked at her that he was drawn to her and he wanted to talk to her. Celine smiled at him when she sat on the other side of the train. They were drawn to each other, then they started talking and their personalities clicked. They were sincere and open that led their attraction to deepen.

Even Jesse was about to go down the train, they admitted outright that they enjoyed each other’s company and that they have a connection.

Some of the best scenes in the movie were: when they got a CD and listened to it in the booth and then the moment on the prata or the ferris wheel. Being alone together created tension that fired up also love and lust between them.

Then when they talked about their situation in a restaurant holding hands and they said goodbye. I saw their emotions and I was deeply affected too.

On the second movie, at first it was weird and awkward, but they got over it. Next thing we notice, they were chatting as if nine years never happened.

It was obvious that all those times they were separated, they never forgot each other they were both miserable and they wished to find the other. It showed that they missed each other, and they still want to be together.

  • Was there chemistry between the couple?

The chemistry between Jesse and Celine were automatic and pretty obvious the moment they started talking.

*Intellectual chemistry happened when they shared their opinions on certain topics. They have a great conversation and they visited different topics under the sun. It showed that they’re both well-read, curious, and smart for their own good. They match each other’s wits.

On the second movie, at first it was weird and awkward, but they touched base with the basics: how they were doing, what they’ve been doing, places they’ve been, past experiences, and then slowly and eventually went to the serious topic, Jesse’s marriage, Celine’s failed relationships, and how they’ve lost their romanticism and innocence the night they’ve met.

*Emotional chemistry happened when they started sharing personal ideas and and intimate information. Jesse said I wish I met you earlier, I want to keep talking to you and Celine said me too.

On the second movie, after talking about their feelings, they’ve both admitted how they still wanted to be with each other in their own words.

*Romantic chemistry happened once they started talking about love after an hour or so in the movie. They expressed how they both wanted to be loved and have a caring relationship.

They’ve expressed their feelings for each other while they were pretending to call their friends.

Celine expressed she fell in love with Jesse when he shared his story as a little boy of seeing his grandmother’s ghost and having those beautiful dreams.

Jesse shared that he felt euphoric meeting Celine and thinks of her as a smart, super passionate, and beautiful angel.

On the second movie, they’ve expressed that they never met anyone with a great connection the way did nine years ago.

The chemistry between them was intact, it was deeper, and richer now that they’ve matured.

*Creative chemistry happened during their conversations. Their personalities matched and produced a synergistic effect.

On the second movie, that effect is still there, somehow they’ve become more rational and practical, but once they’ve met again, it’s as if that their energy and enthusiasm woke up from its deep sleep.

On the third movie, the fight they had in the hotel was a result of pent up frustrations and concerns that were never brought out. I can even compare to friends of mine who’s been together longer than Celine and Jesse. Just like them, those couple also have strong and independent personalities. The fight was natural and real for each character and it shows how they passionate they with their point of views.

– What is the man’s *lovemap? Is it a healthy lovemap or not?

Jesse’s lovemap was influenced by his parents. Seeing how his parents were he gained an early perspective about relationships. When he was 23, his practical and he’s aware how people have romantic projections that is not based on reality.

Although he wants a caring and loving relationship, he also said he preferred to do big things.

He likes to think he wasn’t a romantic guy, but he was being romantic to Celine when they were on the Ferris wheel.

Nine years later, he got married. He believed who he married didn’t matter, what mattered most is he was being a man when he took his responsibility of getting his girlfriend pregnant. He did love her, but the chemistry between their relationship died down. I believe he realized how her wife could never make him happy the way Celine did. They didn’t have a connection.

His wife is a good teacher, and mom, but he doesn’t love her as he used to.

Due to his unhappy marriage, somehow he was still holding on to his memories with Celine. The only person who could make him happy when he’s not back with Celine was his son, Henry.

Another nine years later, he and Celine are together and they have twins Mina and Ella. He’s happier and still realistic, but his suffering with the consequences of getting together with Celine and divorcing his wife. He felt guilty and sad that he wasn’t around while his son was growing up.

As far as my observation goes, I believe Jesse has a healthy lovemap. He may have those romantic projections, but at least, he lives his life in the reality.

No matter how neurotic, pessimistic, and such an angry activist Celine is, he loves her for who she is.

He doesn’t live in the fairy tale world, and he accepted it.

– What is the woman’s lovemap? Is it a healthy lovemap or not?

According to Celine her parents have competitive, aggressive personality, and they revolt against everything such as the government, their conservative catholic backgrounds and they traveled to different places. I have to believe that this fight in the past kept her parents together. Whatever they were fighting for, her parents have the same interests at heart and goals. It was the passion that kept the couple together and the relationship going.

They love Celine and they gave her freedom to do what she wants. She was raised to believe that there’s an enemy she has to fight with, which is why Celine also grew up with a notion to be strong and independent.

While Celine has a grandmother where she thought has a simple and uncomplicated love life, but the truth was her grandmother spent her whole life dreaming of the man she was always in love with. But her grandmother didn’t do anything about her situation, she just accepted her fate.

When Celine was 23, her lovemap was influenced by two models: Her parents and her grandmother.

Her parents’ relationship gave her love, security, everything she needs, and raised her to be open-minded, to have a career where she will practically earn something.

There wasn’t enough information about the grandmother’s love life, but I’m incline to believe that she’s so in love with a man she hardly knows. Celine was disappointed, because she expected her grandmother to do something about her situation.

Despite having practical, rational and intellectual qualities, she has a naivete and innocence in her. She has romantic projections and it meant a lot to her to find someone to love and be loved.

Nine years later, she shared that she had several failed relationships because ever since Jesse happened in her life, she stopped making efforts in her any new relationships, so they all failed. They broke up and all those exes got married.

She was more practical and realistic. I can completely relate to Celine and I am certain that she never moved on completely with Jesse. Just like Celine, I’ve become so detached, numb with feelings, and bitter (wait, except bitterness) when it comes to love and relationships. All those innocence, naivete, and romanticism, she poured all of it to Jesse. (I did it too with D.)

So what’s left of her was a woman who gets into relationships where she have her one foot in the door and one foot out, so it wouldn’t hurt as much. (That I can’t relate cause I haven’t fallen for someone since D, so who knows.)

Celine doesn’t believe in reincarnation, but she wants to believe in magic. She also believed in Astrology. Due to several literatures, studies, and research, I also believed in Astrology, just the profiles or zodiac signs, but I ignore the day-to-day readings.

Another nine years later, when she’s already with Jesse and they have twins, Celine forgot to love herself and instead poured all her love to Jesse, the twins, and her job, to the point where she stopped painting, playing her guitar, and writing songs. They were happy, but she was suffering because she felt like she doesn’t even have time for herself anymore, which also led her to question everything and to get mad of Jesse’s guilt over his son, how she was acting toward his son and his failed marriage, and being pressured to move to Chicago.

In their relationship, Jesse was always gone or on a book tour, it lessened their chances of communication which led to big problems and understandings.

At first observation, I thought Celine had a healthier lovemap than Jesse, because of her perspective, and intellect. She has an unhealthy lovemap, considering that what she have with Jesse is great, but she’s still looking for something more. She hadn’t realized right away, and problems emerged between them because Jesse wasn’t always there, and Celine hadn’t voiced out the problem. It only came out when they finally got the time to be alone again in the hotel.

– Does the relationship contribute to the growth of each person in the relationship? 

In Jesse and Celine’s relationship, I know for sure that their similarities and differences had led each to mature as a person.

They are both smart, well-read, outspoken people who are striving to survive in their career, be happy with their relationship, and they remind and balance each other to think of their decisions thoroughly.

– Do the personalities balance each other, complete each other, or makes them a good team? 

Their personalities are in tune with each other. Jesse’s optimistic and realistic views had big tendency to clash with Celine, but it makes her see the good things in life.

Celine’s feedback with his ideas, and decisions, helps him grow as a person, and it also brings Jesse back on the ground when he makes giant leaps.

Their personalities make a good team, Jesse is a thinker, and Celine is a doer. They could inspire and support each other to do great things.

– Are they capable of maintaining a long-lasting relationship? 

Celine and Jesse can maintain a long-lasting relationship if they exclude any unrealistic expectations of each other, if they keep being transparent, if they kept communicating, and if they make the effort to spend quality time together.

– Why the relationship will work or last longer? 

The relationship will last because they like and enjoy each other’s company. If they could keep each other feel safe, respected, and not alone, that’s also going to help in great lengths.

Here’s a couple who have known each other for a long time and they are used to each other’s personality, differences, and eccentricities. There are things that might make them hate or irritate each other, but at the end of the day, they will make up and fix their problems.

This couple transcended relationships in real life. A couple who liked each other a lot and who could relate to each other pertaining to the different aspects of their lives but might also hate each other for certain reasons.

It has a high probability of working and to last longer due to many similarities that would always magnetize them to be together. No matter how big and serious their arguments are, I know they could fix it for both of their sakes and for their children.

The foundation of their relationship is not just chemistry, but they also have compatible personalities, friendship, trust, love, intimacy, commitment, and respecting each other.

– Why the relationship won’t work or last longer? 

This relationship won’t work or last if they stop communicating, considering each other’s situation, and if they stop using their head and just let their lives be ruled of anger and bitterness.

It won’t work if Jesse will always be too busy for Celine.

It won’t work if Celine will stop voicing out what her real problem, just like she did in the third movie.

There problems got bigger, because they weren’t communicating as open as they did before in the first and second movie.

– What needs to be improved to make the relationship work and last longer?

If this is a real relationship, they need more communication, more quality time to revive the chemistry in their relationship, more time to be vulnerable and intimate.

– How lovemap plays in the couples’ lives?

Intellectual people are very rational and logical. I don’t think I am very intellectual, but when I saw this first movie in 2004 and saw the second movie in 2009, I wasn’t convinced that they fell in love with just knowing each other for just one day.

Now watching the movie, while writing this, I’ve noticed that they had spent a lot of time looking at each other. Even there was a research that proved couples fall in love with each other who have just met if they spent a lot of time looking at each other. Seeing the movie now, and knowing that research, I’m now convinced that they fell in love with this movie.

I’m also convinced because I know a couple like them who are just like them when they first met. According to them, when they found each other, it’s just like finding the other piece of a puzzle.

This relationship is ruled  by chemistry, compatibility, friendship, trust, love, respect, intimacy,  and commitment in that order.

This couple is not even like those couples in copped out movies, where the characters are best friends to indicate they’ve known each other for years and they belong together. In these movies, you could actually see and experience the couple meeting, growing up together, learning new things, committing mistakes, and fixing it as adults. This trilogy is not a fairy tale, they’re realistic and practical.

Kudos to the actors who were passionate in playing the characters Celine and Jesse. They brought the characters and the story to life.

*Thusly marked words are defined on this LINK.